Creating Health

Creating health is not a singular task that any one entity can achieve on its own. There is a role for many. Our healthcare systems can, and should, lead the way. Reimbursement models increasingly emphasize outcomes. What happens outside of the clinic visit, hospital, or procedure room plays a role in achieving better outcomes and impacts reimbursement for care.

Communities are also interested in creating health - in where we live, what we eat, and how we work. Healthcare costs are inspiring a more focused interest in creating health, as more people look for ways to personally and systemically mitigate their personal risk to higher healthcare costs.

There is a role for all to play in creating health. Healthcare systems, education institutions, policy makers, and business leaders should make this more of a priority. Improving our story in this area wouldn’t be that difficult. We are interested in working with emerging leaders that are at the early stages of wanting to change the trajectory we are on.

We are seeing this happen more often: a health system working with the city, community, and policymakers to create a destination district where health and wellness services and sense of place are emphasized. There is a significant opportunity with high-quality, locally-sourced food, surrounded by transportation options friendly to pedestrians, bikers, runners, and walkers. The more we build creating health into our community, the easier it is for everyone to achieve. I applaud this work, am proud of working on this with some, and look forward to many more willing to do the hard work to create health.

Creating health is in all of our best interests. Let’s make it happen - community by community, with our healthcare systems leading the way.

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