Inaugural Message: Why We Exist

There is something unique about this moment in time in the healthcare industry. We can only expect more change in the healthcare market as policy changes lurk in the near future. We have already been on a journey of great change - and have learned much from it. In times of uncertainty, a focus on what is important is often more clear than it otherwise could be.

Headlamp Advisors exists to help our healthcare clients navigate through the uncertainty and find their way forward in a manner that inspires confidence and commitment across the organization and beyond. We will be the partner of choice when there is uncertainty that must be addressed.

We will take the time to get to know you well and work with you to develop plans that resonate and reflect our collective best thinking. We know how important leadership, ownership and advocacy are when you are embarking on something new. We will help achieve that level of commitment across your organization to a future path that you and your team can believe in.

What Lies Ahead

There is little debate that healthcare costs are likely to increase again. The key drivers are simple in that they reflect an aging population, an economic recovery and increasing demands and expectations of the health system. We know that our Baby Boomer generation will hit their peak inpatient utilization in ~2030 - this is a certainty and we can plan for it. At the same time, we can continue to work toward prevention and integrated care largely delivered in other settings - ambulatory, at home and virtual.

What is Worth Continuing

The focus on value will only increase in its importance. The burden of proving value may fall more on healthcare providers, and we would do well to have better partnerships with payers and patients to connect the dots that otherwise make value more difficult to demonstrate. All efforts to improve value are worth continuing and, perhaps, increasing.

Next Level Innovation

There are many levels for innovation that should be pursued: 

  • Health system design
  • Precision medicine
  • Population health 
  • Patient experience and patient-centered care
  • Integrating medicine
  • Integrative medicine 
  • Functional medicine and systems biology
  • Accelerating discovery into clinical applications

Certainly, there is much to be done; much to be excited about; and much promise ahead for those bold enough to lead during uncertain times. We exist to make this journey more possible. We look forward to being your partner of choice on the journey - and helping you find your way.