Repeal and Replace Plan Revealed: Our Work Ahead Requires Cost Effective Care and Better Patient Outcomes

If you are waiting for a sense of urgency in terms of planning for the future of healthcare, you should have more of it today. The NYT has a good summary of the GOP plan revealed last night:

Our work remains the same: focus on cost effective care. Healthcare providers will bear more responsibility to negotiate with payers based on delivery system models that provide more cost effective care. Bundled payment strategies that allow healthcare systems to incorporate more integrated care to the benefit of the patient (in terms of outcomes, and longer term cost avoidance) make a lot of sense. And they will continue to do so.

If most of the model revealed last night remains, there is an extra burden on healthcare providers to take better care of the elderly and poor. This system will not benefit them, and so the burden of cost effectiveness will fall to providers.

In many ways, this isn't much of a surprise and there are some improvements. However, our work this year in planning became more clear last night.