Healthcare Strategic Advisory Services

Helping you find your way. This is our mission and drives the services we offer. We are committed to helping health systems and providers develop plans and innovative solutions that inspire confidence and commitment. Our services build confidence in future plans and make your vision a reality. Our approach is collaborative, authentic, bold - and doable.  


Strategic Planning

We will know you, the people you serve, and the market environment you are in. We will work with you to anticipate what's coming and how best to thrive - especially during uncertain times. Our approach will create clarity and confidence in your future direction. 

Our approach is based on a solid understanding of operations. Our plans are developed based on this foundation. We approach strategic planning with your input and an implementation plan that allows for successful operational changes.

Strategic planning includes operational and business plan development, operations research and modeling, implementation plans. Our approach includes a population health framework and all of the technical potential of applied precision medicine and patient-centered operational design.

We believe in the value of a powerful vision. This is an important part of the work in creating an inspired future that people have shaped together. Once we have the vision, the rest can fall more easily into place.


Healthcare Innovation 

Our team has a track record of creating new models of care and seeing them through operational planning, launch, and continued improvement.

Functional medicine, integrative medicine, integrated chronic disease models of care, applied precision medicine - these are the kinds of innovation that we have experience in developing. 

Often times, innovation is born out of a challenge or issue. Our approach is solution-oriented, inclusive, and iterative in ideation and execution to enable continuous improvement so that innovation can be encouraged and improved upon.


Optimizing Value  & Achieving High Performance 

Value is the filter by which most people are making their healthcare decisions these days: the most simple way of thinking about this is the cost to the patient for the outcome achieved. We know there are many variables that drive the value in healthcare.

We also know how important your team is in achieving value. We will work with you and your team to create a high performing team and institution.

Work with us and we will help you make the value you can provide more apparent to patients and your partners that you rely on for the community you serve.